My form tutor at senior school said: “Sophie is one of life's givers.” She may have been onto something as I have always cared about the wellbeing of others. These days my clients describe me as being calm, caring, compassionate, supportive and encouraging.


A service driven approach coupled with a genuine desire to help others was strengthened during my professional experience in hospitality. Later I worked in a large corporation in London witnessing and experiencing the full effect of stress and the impact it has on health. Discovering reflexology at this time was key to achieving balance in my life and I have been passionate about it ever since.


Having my own family and giving them reflexology made me even more attuned to the benefits of this natural therapy. It has also given me a desire to extend these benefits to others.

Reflexology fascinates me. It is undeniably a deeply relaxing treatment and one of those therapies which has stood the test of time.

Hot Stone Reflexology, Sally Earlam Reflexology AOR, Approved January 2020

Aromaflex, Complementary Therapy College AOR, Approved March 2020

Facial Acupressure Therapy, Complementary Therapy College, March 2020


Over the past year I have been evolving the way I work with my clients. It has been established for a long time now that stress accounts for a staggering amount of illness in modern society. Demands on our time are great and downtime for relaxation seems to fall off the bottom of our busy lists. So I have been expanding my skill set to power up and add extra layers to my treatments for you. You can now reap the benefits of aromatherapy,  facial acupressure and warm stones during your regular reflexology session. So whether you're seeking relaxation, hormonal harmony, or relief from exhaustion, muscular pains, stress or sleep issues we can blend together the powerful natural therapies I have received professional training in.


Traditional reflexology will always form the basic structure of a treatment, and together we  decide at the beginning of a session which other treats to layer on during our time.

IIR Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology

I obtained my Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology with the International Institute of Reflexology. With over 70 years of experience it is a highly regarded City and Guilds approved centre.

Training with the International Institute of Reflexology I benefitted from a small class of students where we received individual coaching from experienced tutors and practitioners. Over 100 practice hours were completed covering a wide range of conditions and the sessions were recorded, discussed and scrutinised by the tutor which gave me the experience to understand a wide range of conditions and emotions.

Baby and Child Reflexology Practitioner Course

(teaching parents how to give reflexology to their own children)

My professional development continues with attendance at courses, seminars, online training and by carrying out research.