Reflexology for children

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Childhood is a time of huge physical, emotional and cognitive growth. There is a great deal going on in our children’s bodies and even at this age children are prone to feeling stress. Common causes of stress can include starting school, falling out with friends, stronger sense of right and wrong, feeling different, making friends and fitting in

Children aren’t always able to communicate what is wrong and stress can show up in changes to their normal behaviour. These changes can develop as trouble settling to sleep at night or waking half way through, nail biting, hair chewing, becoming clingy or quiet, withdrawn or aggressive, an increase in crying or headaches and tummy aches.

Giving your child reflexology can be a very rewarding experience. Touch therapies like this can be seen as a nutrient and gives you an opportunity to demonstrate how much you love and care.

Contact me to find out about my workshops which show parents special techniques to use on their children.

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