Reflexology workshops for calm and happy kids

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

It all started when Jenny Lee, a Chartered Physiotherapist, Reflexologist and Teacher began studying the effects of reflexology in children. She specialised in working with mothers and young children, over some 15 years in practice. During this time she carried out GP monitored pilot studies designed specifically to examine the effects of Reflexology in childhood asthma.

The results were very encouraging and particularly of note were:-

  • Reduced severity of asthma

  • Promotion of better sleep patterns

  • A greater ability to relax

  • Increased bonding between parent and child

  • The children enjoyed their treatments and seemed better behaved

Encouraged by these results, Jenny designed courses for Reflexologists to teach parents techniques on their own children to support their development and wellbeing. I have attended her courses and now extend those techniques to parents and carers having seen the benefits with my son Alfie. Although he does not suffer from asthma, it has helped him in many other ways, and in particular settling at night.

If you want to get an idea of the science behind touch therapies, this extract from Professor Matthew Hartenstein, PHD might help.

“When we are touched, signals from skin receptors go directly to a nerve bundle in the brain called the vagus nerve. It branches throughout the body to several internal organs, including the heart. It’s the vagus nerve that can slow down the heart and decrease blood pressure. It also reduces the levels of the stress hormone cortisol”.

In my workshops, I show you powerful techniques you can use on your kids hands. Why hands?

  • More accessible than the feet so can be applied anytime, any place e.g school gates, waiting room, bedtime routine

  • Equally bonding

  • Equally calming

  • Children can practice on themselves – self help and self reliance

  • Another way into the body

  • It’s fun and children love it!

The routines are not just for kids though. They are very relaxing and I often use them on the residents I treat at Care Homes who may feel stressed or anxious.

Touch works on so many levels and giving hand reflexology is beneficial not only for the recipient but it can also be calming and relaxing for the giver.

I run workshops throughout the year. A typical session lasts 2.5hours and I work with small groups of 6 people. I can also offer private sessions if you prefer to get a group of friends together. The cost is £40 per person and includes a set of notes.

Please contact me if you’d like to find out about future workshops.

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