The benefits of touch.

There is substantial research to show that touch therapy works on both a physical and psychological level to aid the emotional, physical and social health and wellbeing. Above all it works on many different levels to offer closeness, security and comfort. It offers the chance to relax and let go in a safe environment, enabling time to recharge and refresh both mind and body. In both the long and short term, regular caring touch can:

-Target trouble-spots and help relieve localised tension, stiffness or aches such as headache, eyestrain and backache

-Encourage better-quality sleep, leading to an improved temperament

-Relax mind and body, easing tension and the cumulative effects of stress

-Offer individual attention, which enhances awareness of being , valued, respected and safe; this in turn boosts self-worth and helps to create a feeling of ease

-Help prevent a build-up of impurities which can lead to muscle pain, headaches, skin disorders, sinus congestion and fatigue

-Increase lung capacity and encourage deeper, more regular breathing patterns

-Improve physical and mental energy levels, encouraging alertness, concentration and feelings of ‘get up and go’

-Encourage a healthy immune system, helping to prevent and fight infections and allergies

-Promote the production of ‘feel-good’ hormones called endorphins which reduce pain and boost general well-being

-Help to calm aggressive or hyperactive behaviour

-Provide valuable opportunity to share time together – laughing, joking, chatting, reminiscing, having fun and using the imagination

-Build trust through non-verbal communication, encouraging the release of concerns and a chance to share confidences in a calm, comforting atmosphere

-Take one’s mind away from any worries and doubts, enabling you to look at problems together from a different point of view and helping cope with daily pressures in a positive frame of mind.

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