I don't like having my feet touched!

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I understand that for some people the thought of having their feet touched is abhorrent - because they don't like the look of them or they are ticklish or simply don't like them to be touched. Feet have always fascinated me. Years ago I attended an Introduction to Reflexology Workshop and within minutes of meeting my practice partner for the evening I was hooked. For a Reflexologist the feet are an access point to the body and can reveal the most amazing secrets.

When you perform reflexology you are helping a person. A skilled and experienced practitioner can deliver a relaxing and meaningful treatment on anyone. It is not invasive and a good Reflexologist will help you feel at ease. Neither should it be ticklish as the touch applied is assured, yet gentle. Reflexology is not just for the feet it can also be performed on the hands or the face with equal effect. Please don't disregard this ancient therapy through fear or dislike of your feet.

Book a taster treatment so you can assess for yourself if this art can become part of your wellbeing routine. Complementary therapists share a passion for the welfare of those who come their way and would happily recommend alternatives to support and bolster your health. There are many options to explore and it is worth finding the right one for you. After all, your wellbeing matters.

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